Windsurfing Holidays on Vassiliki bay in Lefkada

Vassiliki bay is one of the best place in Europe to windsurf.

Colorful sails, strong wind, tension and action in one of the most dynamic water sports. Enjoy you holidays and let summer’s secret gone with the wind!

Vassiliki is Internationally Recognised as one of the Leading Windsurfing Resorts in Europe. This is because of the ideal weather conditions found in the bay. The windsurfing season generally starts in April and goes through to the first week in October, with July and August being the most popular months.

The winds that blow on the western side of the beach are considered to be ideal, not only among those who would like to learn how to surf, but also for the “professional” ones. As the temperatures rise and the previous steady onshore breeze starts to change into a stronger cross-shore wind, the time has come for the water sport lovers to take action. In fact, from noon onwards, the wind direction changes (the surfing funs call the wind Eric) and according to the most experienced surfers, becomes ideal for spectacular maneuvers.

Mornings – the wind in the morning is ideal for beginners. The breeze is very light, and blows on-shore with flat calm water. So you can practice sailing back and forth across the wind, up-wind & down-wind, and the conditions make it easy for you to get back to the beach.

There is plenty of time before lunch and before Eric starts to blow, to take lessons and practice your light wind techniques.

Afternoons – around early lunch time, the wind veers to cross-shore, and builds to give some of the best windsurfing conditions you could possibly want.